If you’re a writer....

We want to know who you are and you have three ways of making us notice you.

As a new writer you can enter The Red Planet/Kudos Prize which runs annually. Details of the 2013 competition will be announced at the end of the year

Ask your agent to get in touch and send us some material.

If you’re an unrepresented writer, and it is outside our competition window, you can submit via our website, by clicking here

If you are crew...
Without you, our vision would be, well, just that… WE NEED YOU! The early mornings, the long hours, it’s all worth it when you’re valued and we value you! If you’re a crew member please send us your CV; we’re always keen to hear of good folk. You can send your CV speculatively and we’ll keep it on file for the future or if you would like to work on a specific production then email us with the title of the production in the subject box and it will be sent to the relevant people.