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Red Planet Pictures is a dynamic and truly independent TV production company. Founded by renowned showrunner Tony Jordan, we have creativity at our core, and are currently building on our growing success in popular drama with a push into comedy and factual programming.

We have now entered a hugely exciting phase in our development. As well as shooting the fourth series of smash hit murder mystery Death in Paradise, this year also sees us making The Passing Bells and The Ark for BBC1.

Beyond these is Tony Jordan’s ground-breaking Dickensian and a raft of exciting developments with all major UK broadcasters. 



The Passing Bells

The Passing Bells is a five-part drama for BBC One which sees the conflict of the First World War unfold through the eyes of two very ordinary young men, who have enlisted in a war they expect to be over within months. As the conflict progresses, so do the boys’ stories as they grow up amid the horror of war, and find love.

Commissioned to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, The Passing Bells charts the course of a conflict that cost millions of lives and reshaped the map of the world. Scripted by Tony Jordan, the story unfolds over 5 episodes and covers the landmark events in one of history’s largest and most tragic conflicts.


Patick Gibson - What Richard Did, Luke, The Importance of Being Whatever

Jack Lowden - Wolf Hall, '71, The Tunnel

Learn more about their stories at:

The Passing Bells: A British soldier's tale

The Passing Bells: A German soldier's tale



Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise returns for a fantastic fourth series which sees DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and his team solving ever more mysterious and impossible murders. This time they are joined by new recruits Sargeant Florence Cassel (Josephine Jobert) and Officer JP Hooper (Tobi Bakare), and they'll need all the help they can get if they're to crack a new set of dizzyingly complex crimes.

From a murder during a seance to the apparent suicide of a surfing legend, Humph and the team have their work cut out for them.


Kris Marshall – My Family, Love Actually

Sara Martins – Little White Lies, Pigalle, La Nuit

Danny John-Jules – Red Dwarf, MI High

Don Warrington – Waking the Dead

Josephine Jobert - Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez 

Tobi Bakare - Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Smoke, The Tunnel

Packed full of guest stars including; James Fox (Sherlock Holmes), Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly), Ali Bastian (Hollyoaks), Tyger Drew-Honey (Outnumbered), Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street), Jason Merrells (Emmerdale) and Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter).


Richard Poole’s untimely and tragic demise brings Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) to the beautiful island of Saint Marie as the new Detective Inspector. But while he enthusiastically embraces Caribbean life, his new team of Camille (Sara Martins), Dwayne (Danny John-Jules) and Fidel (Gary Carr) quickly realise they’ve got another eccentric and rather frustrating Englishman on their hands…

Humphrey’s apparently random and disorganised approach to solving crime initially seems confounding, but it’s not long before they realise they have a remarkable detective in their midst – one capable of solving his predecessor’s own baffling murder - and together the team go on to brilliantly solve a host of dizzyingly mystifying murders, from Zombie film stand-ins, to glamorous stewardesses and local politicians… All in a day’s work when there’s death in paradise…


Kris Marshall – My Family, Love Actually

Sara Martins – Little White Lies, Pigalle, La Nuit

Danny John-Jules – Red Dwarf, MI High

Gary Carr – Downton Abbey, Bluestone 42

Don Warrington – Waking the Dead

This series’ exciting roster of guest stars includes Helen Baxendale (Cold Feet), Michelle Ryan (Eastenders), Peter Davison (Doctor Who), Hannah Tointon (The Inbetweeners), Sharon Small (Mistresses), Raza Jaffrey (Spooks), Clarke Peters (The Wire), Paul Barber (Only Fools and Horses), Mark Heap (Green Wing), Joseph Marcel (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Luther), Phil Davis (Sherlock).


DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is still trapped on the Caribbean island paradise of Saint Marie – and for him the sun, sea and sand continue to irritate, as he irritates his long-suffering colleagues but he’s also as brilliant as ever. His eye for detail, relentless logic and stubborn refusal to leave anything unexplained works seamlessly with the instinctive and insightful knowledge of the beautiful Sergeant Camille Bordey (Sara Martins). She has much to teach him about human behaviour.

With the often unorthodox assistance of Dwayne (Danny John-Jules) and Fidel (Gary Carr), they tackle a baffling array of unique murders, from pirate curses to nuns killed in locked rooms – even one with a hurricane bearing down on them! Most seem impossible, but Richard and his team always get to the heart of the mystery…

The first of eight episodes will see DI Poole probing the death of the owner of a former sugar plantation, who is discovered with a machete in his back.


Ben Miller - Primeval, Johnny English

Sara Martins - Little White Lies, Pigalle, La Nuit

Danny John-Jules - Red Dwarf, MI High 

Gary Carr - Silent Witness

Elizabeth Bourgine - Mon Meilleur Ami

Don Warrington - Waking the Dead

Award-winning poptress Jamelia is the latest in a long line of first-class guest artists to feature in the new series, along with Stephanie Beacham (Coronation Street), Amanda Mealing (Holby City), Michael Brandon (Dempsey & Makepeace), Tom Ward (Silent Witness), Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels), Kelly Adams (Hustle), Patrick Baladi (Mistresses), Bryan Dick (Eric & Ernie), Kenneth Cranham (Made in Dagenham) and Gemma Jones (Spooks).


Impossible murders on a beautiful Caribbean island. DI Richard Poole is the perfect man to solve them — if only he didn’t just hate sun, sea and sand...

Sent to the tiny island of Saint Marie to solve a mysterious murder Detective Inspector Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is a total fish out of water. A quintessentially British cop, he would much prefer the London drizzle and a freshly pressed shirt to blue seas, sparkling sands and gorgeous tropical weather. What Richard finds is a ramshackle station and a very different type of policing. His new partner, feisty DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) is instinctive and brilliant in her own way.

Officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) is a little too cosy with criminals for Richard’s liking, but he has his uses. And Fidel Best (Garry Carr) is honest as the day is long — at times frustrating, at times the key to an impenetrable mystery. Richard can get through his ordeal, if only he could find a decent cup of tea…

Though Richard would never admit it, they make the perfect team, and bring heart and humour to mind boggling murders in the most beautiful of settings, with a new mystery to solve every episode. 

Will Richard ever come to see the beauty of his surroundings? Perhaps not, but he might one day loosen his tie…

The first episode kicks off when a British cop is found murdered in a locked room on the tiny paradise island of Saint Marie, Detective Inspector Richard Poole is sent to investigate whodunnit.

Death in Paradise has been produced with Altantique Productions, for BBC One and France Télévisions with the support of the Region of Guadeloupe.


Ben Miller - Primeval, Johnny English

Sara Martins - Little White Lies, Pigalle, La Nuit

Danny John-Jules - Red Dwarf, MI High 

Gary Carr - Silent Witness

Elizabeth Bourgine - Mon Meilleur Ami

Don Warrington - Waking the Dead

The Ark

Written by Tony Jordan, this film is a unique retelling of the biblical story of Noah and the Ark.

Noah, a farmer and family man, is instructed by an angel to build an ark in the middle of the desert in order to save his family and the faithful from a devastating flood - a seemlingly impossible task, especially when his sons refuse to believe him and lend their help.

Noah risks ridicule from his loving but exasperated family and humiliation from the degenerate townsfolk in his quest to carry out his God-given task.


David Threlfall - Shameless, What Remains, Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This

Joanne Whalley - Wolf Hall, Jamaica Inn, The Borgias

Nico Mirallegro - My Mad Fat Diary, The Village

Ashley Walters - Top BoyHustle

By Any Means


Created by a team of writers led by Tony Jordan, this thrilling drama follows a covert police department that, when the legal system fails, will go to any lengths to bring the criminal elite to justice.

There are some criminals who always manage to evade the justice system. These masterminds control their empires with an iron grip – yet on paper appear squeaky clean. They are never at the scene of the crime – they never get their hands dirty. They may even manipulate the media to make it look like they are the ones being persecuted by the police. They know the system and they know how to play it.

In short, they are just too clever to get caught.  But they are still the bad guys and they need to be taken off the streets...

By Any Means follows a clandestine department living on the edge and playing the criminal elite at their own game, existing in the grey area between the letter of the law and true justice.

Led by the sharp and elusive Jack Quinn, alongside straight-talking Jessica Jones and digital whizz-kid Tom Tomkins, this brilliant team will stop at nothing – fighting fire with fire. Receiving their target from the mysterious Helen, they weave a web of cunning and deception to deliver their unwary targets into the arms of justice.

By Any Means is a fast-paced drama packed with twists and turns as well as brilliantly complex and rich characters. 


Warren Brown - Luther, Good Cop

Shelley Conn - Mistresses

Andrew Lee Potts - Primeval

Gina McKee - The Borgias

History cold case

From Shine TV in association with Red Planet Pictures for transmission on BBC Two.

History Cold Case is our first venture into factual TV - but it has a lot in common with our dramas. The main characters are a team of forensic scientists led by world-renowned authority Prof Sue Black. They’ve helped convict some of the UK’s most dangerous criminals and have worked in harrowing war zones but in this series they shine a light on historical cold cases from 2000 years of British history. The cold cases are anonymous skeletons and human remains whose stories were buried with them. With cutting edge forensic tests the team unlock the secrets of the bones and set out on the history trail to reveal who these people were and what they looked like. Using the very latest computer technology Dr Caroline Wilkinson reconstructs the faces of each cold case – faces that haven’t been seen for centuries.

In the first episode, the contorted and mummified body of a child takes the team back 300 years to a time when corpses were displayed in exotic collections, and dead children were bought and paid for by the inch. In episode two, at Scotland’s Stirling Castle a romantic story of chivalry and brutality unfolds as the team trace the life and times of a battle worn warrior. A tragically scarred skeleton exhumed in the historic borough of Southwark draw our team into the disturbing world of Victorian prostitution in the third episode. And investigating a skeleton found in the cemetery of a medieval friary, the team make an extraordinary discovery about its origins that could rewrite the history books. Four extraordinary stories which bring history and science together to forge a new understanding of our past.

From Shine TV in association with Red Planet Pictures for transmission on BBC Two.

When the remains of 17 people – men, women and children – were discovered recently in a dry well shaft in Norwich city centre, the local community were alarmed and desperate for answers about who these people were and what happened to them. Thought to date from the early 1200s, the story surrounding these bones quickly develops into a suspected medieval murder case but the final reveal of the identity of these people is an even bigger shock to all involved and sheds new light on a period of history that until now we thought we fully understood.

Since the 1950s experts have remained baffled by a jumble of human bones discovered in a unique series of caves on the North York Moors. Known as the ‘Windy Pits’, due to the air which gusts out of the mouths of these caves, this area has been the inspiration for much folklore and mystery for thousands of years. Human and animal remains thought to date right back to prehistoric times have been excavated from the caves but one discovery in particular stands out; one cave, called Slip Gill, where the tangle of bones might belong to a male, female and two adolescents. Is this a family of people we are looking at in Slip Gill and, if so, what is a family doing dead at the bottom of a cave in Yorkshire? The trail is set to take us into a dark world of ritual sacrifice, and right back to the limits of British recorded history.

In 2008 construction workers just beyond York’s city walls uncovered 113 bodies on a site thought to be out of use between the 1580s and 1830s. Almost exclusively young men, the skeletons show signs of hard physical labour and extensive scarring leading archaeologists to believe these could be Parliamentary forces who lay siege to the city in 1644 during the Civil War. But only a full forensic and historical investigation will confidently lead to answers about who the people are in this unique grave. If they are civil war soldiers why do they not appear to have died violently? And why do the skeletons of young men show signs of repetitive strains normally seen in old men who have led physically demanding lives? Why do lots of the skeletons have healed wounds caused by sharp objects? This unique case will shed new light on life in a siege army and the training techniques of the Civil War and – ultimately – provide and brand new and personalized perspective on this major turning point in British history.

In the sleepy commuter town of Baldock in Hertfordshire the discovery of a wonderfully intact skeleton of a woman dating from early Roman times – buried with the tiny skeletons of three babies – rocked the scientific world as it’s an archaeological first. Buried on the outskirts of a cemetery in what at first appears to be an unceremonious burial, she cuts a tragic picture. Did she die in childbirth? Or are these not her babies? And why was she buried with apparent disregard for the proper burial practices of the day? For the History Cold Case team it’s a unique opportunity to investigate details about pregnancy and childbirth as it was 2000 years ago in a Roman-British settlement – and what they discover is shocking.

The Nativity


Tatiana Maslany and Andrew Buchan star as Mary and Joseph in Tony Jordan's adaptation of The Nativity for BBC One.

The drama tells the traditional tale known to millions from a very human perspective.

With Mary and Joseph's enduring love story at the centre, this familiar story is given a contemporary twist, as the drama follows Joseph and Mary from their initial courtship – Joseph desperate to win the heart of Mary – to his emotional turmoil at her unexpected pregnancy.

Tony Jordan said: "The challenge for me was to retell a story that has been told countless times before, a story that everyone knows intimately, yet to do so in a way that will still surprise and move you, to see parts of the story you'd never seen before.

"I really think that we've achieved that and I'm incredibly proud to have been asked by the BBC to be involved in such a wonderful project."

This gripping and vibrant adaptation shows the Nativity from a fresh viewpoint, highlighting how seemingly ordinary people reacted to the extraordinary and miraculous events that befell them.

Rich in colour and humour, the remarkable events that led up to Jesus's birth is told from a variety of angles. From the epic journey of the wise men to the poignant tale of Thomas – a poor shepherd – whose waning faith in God is revived as he kneels beside the crib of the newborn king.

Jordan's Nativity is a spectacular treat for the whole family.


Andrew Buchan - Broadchurch, The Great Fire, The Honourable Woman

Tatiana Maslany - Orphan Black, Woman In Gold, Captain Canuck

Peter Capaldi - Doctor Who, The Musketeers, The Thick Of It

With Jack Shepherd as Melchior; Obi Abili as Gaspar; Art Malik as Nicolaus; Vincent Regan as Herod; John Lynch as Gabriel; Claudie Blakley as Anna; Frances Barbour as Elizabeth; Neil Dudgeon as Joachim; Al Weaver as Thomas the Shepherd; Ruth Negga as Leah and Gawn Grainger as Levi.

'The Nativity' is a Red Planet Pictures, K Films and Temple Street production for BBC One and CBC.  It is distributed by BBC Worldwide.

'The Nativity' is available on DVD and also to download from iTunes



Tensions run high as Cath, Rob, Ameer and Rhian prepare for their first official day as doctors. Rob is asked to treat the self-proclaimed King of Wales. Fighting bureaucracy, Rob succeeds in getting through to the psychiatric ward, but there are surprising consequences. The usually calm and confident Ameer is thrown when he realises he’s the first doctor to an emergency. His time to step-up comes sooner than he could possibly hope.

Fellow junior doctor, Simon, is heartbroken when Darth, the hospital pathologist, is forced into retirement. Simon’s passion for pathology was kindled when he was exposed to a box set of Quince ME at a young age. Beneath his quirky exterior lies an honest, straight-talking man and he soon becomes a loyal and true friend to the gang.

For Ameer, patients are nothing like the diagrams he’s so used to in the medical textbooks. Struggling to communicate with them, he enlists the help of an actor, who tries to style Ameer into being a suave confident doctor. Ameer discovers that no façade can help you in life-and-death situations.

Sick of listening to Cath and her sexual conquests, Rhian begins a quest for a love. With patients’ relatives to hand and her profile up on a dating site, it should be easy, but the possibility of love comes from an unexpected source.

Cath faces her biggest challenge when her tempestuous nature leads to her being suspended. Hoping for a reprieve, she’s happy to be called back to the hospital, only to find out that her father has been admitted. Whilst her father fights for his life, Cath has to examine all that is dear to her.


Elin Phillips - Y Syrcas, Zanzibar, îha Sheelagh

Gareth Milton - Benny & Jolene, Da Vinci's Demons, Alys

Kezia Burrows - Alien: Isolation, Viking: The Berserkers, Remember Me

Simon Rivers - Doctors

In the first episode, in a bid to win the respect of a new consultant, Cath, Ameer, Simon and Rhian try to out-do each other on the wards. Their quest leads them to a final twist none of them expected.

Later, new specialties for the junior doctors bring with them their own challenges. Rhian faces huge pressure in work and her private life whilst Simon searches for the meaning of truelove.

In episode 3, it should be a quiet Sunday night shift, but with a suicidal radio DJ, a quest to save the work of a doctor’s lifetime and Ameer’s stalker to deal with, the gang have their work cut out.

In Episode 4 we see Cath, Rhian and Ameer attempting to discover why Simon is convinced of his own early demise – with surprising results. Alongside this, Simon helps Sister Alice with a special secret project. 

Later, Ameer questions whether he puts his faith, and the faith of others, aside in order to save lives. Alun battles with his urge to satisfy his desire for a forbidden fruit. 

The series reaches a climactic conclusion as Cath’s birthday takes a tragic turn - twelve year-old Gabby dies in her arms and makes her question her life choices.


Elin Phillips - Y Syrcas, Zanzibar, îha Sheelagh

Gareth Milton - Benny & Jolene, Da Vinci's Demons, Alys

Kezia Burrows - Alien: Isolation, Viking: The Berserkers, Remember Me

Simon Rivers - Doctors



From Kudos Film and Television in association with Red Planet Pictures for transmission on BBC One.

Adrian Lester returns to the role of Mickey ‘Bricks’ Stone for the fifth series of the hit con drama, Hustle.  Robert Glenister and Robert Vaughn also return as Mickey’s fellow con artists, Ash ‘Three Socks’ Morgan and Albert Stroller.

Following his stint in Australia selling the Sydney Opera House to an unsuspecting punter, Mickey has returned to a new London. The credit crunch has hit Britain and while the majority of the nation is tightening their belts, there are still a scurrilous and greedy few who are getting ever richer from other's losses – the perfect marks for the best grifter in the business - and Mickey is keen to put new and inventive plans into action to extract their cash!

However, it’s not just the financial state of the nation that has seen a change; Mickey’s crew is looking somewhat depleted too. Ash is back to short cons whilst Danny and Stacey are grifting their way across America. Even Mickey’s old friend and mentor, Albert, seems to have disappeared but Mickey soon finds that he has finally been busted and is currently detained at her majesty’s pleasure.

However, far from desperate to get out of prison, Albert is living the life of Riley; catching up on his reading, playing cards with the guards and watching his favourite TV shows! But the art of the long con is in his blood and naturally has a few marks up his sleeve, ready and waiting to be relieved of their cash.

Mickey is determined that he and Ash get a new crew together but with Albert’s tip off for a potential mark ready for the taking they have more pressing matters at hand, starting with an obnoxious young woman who’s made a killing in dubious property developments…


Adrian Lester - Red Band Society, Merlin, Bonekickers

Robert Glenister - Cryptic, Vera, Law & Order: UK

Robert Vaughn - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The American Side, Coronation Street 

Matt Di Angelo - Eastenders, The Smoke, Borgia

Kelly Adams - Mr Selfridge, Bluestone 42, Tomorrow in a Day

From Kudos Film and Television in association with Red Planet Pictures for transmission on BBC One.

Adrian Lester returns as master con man Mickey ‘Bricks’ Stone, with his ‘partners in crime’; veteran roper, Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn) and fixer extraordinaire, Ash ‘Three Socks’ Morgan (Robert Glenister). Series six follows the team’s adventures as they target more greedy fat cats, liberating them from their not-at-all hard earned cash.

Also returning are brother and sister duo, Emma and Sean Kennedy (Kelly Adams, Holby City and Matt Di Angelo, EastEnders) the two new grifters who Mickey took under his wing to teach how to master their art. Now, as fully fledged members of the Hustle team, Emma and Sean continue to learn about being a part of the grifting world and the risks and rewards it can bring.

This series of Hustle was filmed in Birmingham and London during summer '09 for transmission on BBC One in early 2010.


Adrian Lester - Red Band Society, Merlin, Bonekickers

Robert Glenister - Cryptic, Vera, Law & Order: UK

Robert Vaughn - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The American Side, Coronation Street 

Matt Di Angelo - Eastenders, The Smoke, Borgia

Kelly Adams - Mr Selfridge, Bluestone 42, Tomorrow in a Day

From Kudos Film and Television in association with Red Planet Pictures for transmission on BBC One.

The Hustle team are back for another series; ready to con society’s most greedy and part them from their hard earned cash. At the helm is master con man Mickey Bricks (Adrian Lester). Mickey only works with the best and alongside him he’s assembled expert fixer Ash ‘three socks’ Morgan (Robert Glenister), master roper Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn) and brother and sister team Sean and Emma Kennedy (Matt Di Angelo and Kelly Adams).

The team’s first rule of thumb - never con an honest man; and they have a wealth of greedy adversaries lined up for some of their most audacious cons yet. There’s a cruel modelling agent who scams young girls out of their hard earned cash, an unscrupulous social climber at the helm of a greedy loan firm, an Iranian hard man nicknamed ‘the Dentist’ and even a notorious grifter buster! This time around there are also personal scores to settle and whilst one member of the team will fight to save their family name another will find themselves questioning whether the life of a grifter is really for them. Tough decisions and plenty of fun abound as the team go head to head with some of the meanest, greediest people society has to offer.


Adrian Lester - Red Band Society, Merlin, Bonekickers

Robert Glenister - Cryptic, Vera, Law & Order: UK

Robert Vaughn - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The American Side, Coronation Street 

Matt Di Angelo - Eastenders, The Smoke, Borgia

Kelly Adams - Mr Selfridge, Bluestone 42, Tomorrow in a Day

Interested in catching up with Hustle from the beginning?  Visit the BBC Shop

Holby Blue


The challenges facing the police officers and CID unit of Holby South are very different to the traditional ‘bobby on the beat’ – hard drugs, even harder gang members, and the constant threat of terrorism all combine to prove that modern-day policing isn’t just about robberies and ASBOs. Despite being weighed down by never ending bureaucracy, the officers of Holby South aspire to be the best, putting their personal opinions and passions to one side in order to make Holby a safer place to live.

Straight talking DI John Keenan, CAL MACANINCH (Sorted), lives for his job and will stop at nothing to secure a conviction. John somehow manages to be a great dad to his two young children, but a lousy husband to Kate, ZOE LUCKER (Footballers’ Wives). They are both playing the field following their recent split but it’s clear that neither is really ready to move on. When Kate applies for a job at the station, John’s recent fling with colleague Rachel Barker CPS, SARA POWELL (Family Man), is set to make all their lives even more complicated.

Inspector Jenny Black, KACEY AINSWORTH (EastEnders), seems for all the world to have managed the impossible and “has it all” – a successful job and happy marriage and family. But the reality is that, in an effort to be the perfect wife, mother and career woman, Jenny has long neglected her own needs, and her frustration cannot be contained forever… Holby South’s veteran DCI Harry Hutchinson, TIM PIGOTT-SMITH (Poirot) is due for retirement and his team is pushing hard to secure a conviction against the city’s crime boss Neculai Stenga, VELIBOR TOPIC (William and Mary), to help secure Harry’s legacy even though he just wants a quiet life and is keen to keep his distance from the whole investigation.


A murder at Holby City General initially looks to be quite a simple affair as the hospital's well respected registrar, Jacqueline Naylor, ROSIE MARCEL, is accused of stabbing a man whilst on duty and her colleagues aren't falling over themselves to help prove her innocence.

The evidence is stacked against the head-strong doctor and following a humiliating arrest at the hospital, she is subjected to a series of gruelling questions at Holby South Station in a storyline that spans both dramas - the first time Holby Blue has crossed paths with its sister show. Jac is adamant about her innocence yet finds it increasingly difficult to prove as witness statements detail how she threatened the victim; a man who attacked her last year, and her prints are all over the weapon but she is insistent that she wasn’t the one who stabbed him.

New to this extended series is young and charismatic DCI Scott Vaughan (OLIVER MILBURN) who is drafted in to replace disgraced DCI Harry Hutchinson who was arrested at his own retirement party on corruption charges. John is relieved to be rescued from the mountain of paperwork he’s had to deal with whilst he’s been filling in as acting DCI but his trust in his superiors has been severely bruised and Scott has to prove his worth to his well worn DI.

Scott is quick to make his presence felt at that station by ingratiating himself with his new colleagues but one of the team is rather familiar; the previous evening he had been flirting with a beautiful stranger at a police event who, unbeknownst to him, was John’s wife Kate, ZOE LUCKER!

John and Kate’s relationship soon hits choppy waters when a case involving domestic violence strikes a raw nerve with the brash detective. In order to lay ghosts to rest, John visits his father in prison but far from letting bygones be bygones, John Senior is intent on winning the battle of wills against his head-strong son and keep him under control. John’s patience is tested as his father continues to play games with his emotions just as he did when he was a child. An unexpected revelation that Kate has secretly contacted his father against his wishes shocks John to the core and sets a ball in motion that has the most serious of consequences for not only John but his whole family.

Inspector Jenny Black, KACEY AINSWORTH, is still in charge of uniform including PCs Robert Clifton, KIERAN O’BRIEN, Lucy Slater ELAINE GLOVER, Kelly Cooper, CHLOE HOWMAN, Neil Parker, JIMMY AKINGBOLA and William Jackson, JOE JACOBS. But the tragic death of one of the officers sends shockwaves through the team…


Moving Wallpaper


From Kudos Film and Television in association with Red Planet Pictures for transmission on ITV1.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to change the face of British television forever…welcome to Echo Beach’’ Jonathan Pope, Producer  

Jonathan Pope is a man on a mission. That mission is to make the most talked about post-watershed soap opera in Britain. But when your boss hates you, the writers despair of you and the entire cast and crew think you’re a prat, that mission is bound to be a fraught one…  

ITV is proud to announce two interlinking shows from the makers of Life On Mars, Spooks and Hustle. Jason Donovan and Martine McCutcheon return to their soap roots to play the parts of ex-lovers in Echo Beach. Ben Miller plays the hapless producer desperate to make the soap a success in a behind-the-scenes comedy Moving Wallpaper.  

Both 12 part series, from the award-winning Kudos, will run together on ITV1.  

In Echo Beach, HUGO SPEER (Bleak House, The Full Monty) plays Mark Penwarden, who will stop at nothing to run his wife Susan’s (McCutcheon) ex-lover Daniel Marrack (Donovan) out of Polnarren, with JOHNNY BRIGGS (Coronation Street) as long term resident Fin Morgan.    

The town’s youngest residents are played by some of Britain’s hottest young talent. These include ED SPELEERS (Eragon), MARCUS PATRICK (Hollyoaks), LAURA GREENWOOD (Prime Suspect 7), CHRISTIAN COOKE (Where The Heart Is), JONATHAN READWIN (Robin Hood), NAOMI RYAN (Dream Team), CHANDEEP UPPAL (Anita And Me) and newcomer HANNAH LEDERER- ALTON.     

Moving Wallpaper’s BEN MILLER (Armstrong And Miller, Primeval, The Worst Week) is joined by RAQUEL CASSIDY (Party Animals, Lead Balloon), JAMES LANCE (Teachers, Sensitive Skin), SARAH HADLAND (Saxondale, Peep Show), ELIZABETH BERRINGTON (The Dinner Party, The Office), LUCY LIEMANN (The IT Crowd), DAVE LAMB (The Smoking Room) and SINEAD KEENAN (Trouble With Sex).   

SUSIE AMY (Footballer’s Wives, Hotel Babylon) appears in both shows.  

Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach has a distinctive set up; eagle-eyed viewers will see jokes, characters and stories crossing from one show to the other.  

Both shows have been created by Tony Jordan, lead writer and former story consultant for EastEnders, co-creator of Life On Mars and creator of Hustle.  

Echo Beach will follow the lives of Daniel, Susan and Mark whose affairs of the heart are played out amongst teenage angst, family loyalties and tested friendships. Martine will play a woman with a past, while Jason will play the returning ex-lover who is set to rock the foundations of Mark and Susan’s marriage.

On the other side of the camera is Moving Wallpaper, where an army of executives, crew and publicists behind the making of the soap will be pushed to their creative limits by the irrepressible Pope.  

Jordan, who has written for EastEnders since 1985, executive produces both shows with Kudos’ Jane Featherstone and Alison Jackson.  

Both Echo Beach and Moving Wallpaper are Kudos Productions in Association with Red Planet Pictures

From Kudos Film and Television in association with Red Planet Pictures for transmission on ITV1.

After a ground-breaking first series, Moving Wallpaper is back for a second series. Series 2 picks up where the last series ended – Jonathan Pope (BEN MILLER) and his team await their fate at the hands of the merciless Head of Continuing Drama at ITV1, Nancy Weeks (RAQUEL CASSIDY). Despite the end of Echo Beach, a clause in Jonathan’s contract means ITV must now offer Jonathan a pilot to produce – much to Nancy’s annoyance. ITV’s audience must brace themselves for Jonathan’s new project: Renaissance, a terrifying one off drama starring KELLY BROOK (Marple: The Moving Finger, School for Seduction, Smallville) and ALAN DALE (Ugly Betty, The OC, 24). Will Jonathan’s complete lack of subtlety or tact but occasional genius be enough to make it work? And more importantly will the world be ready for another Jonathan Pope production?

Latest news

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Death In Paradise Wins Award

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Death in Paradise album now available

Death in Paradise album now available

The music from Death in Paradise Series 1-4 is now available in one album. Click below to buy it.

'Touching anthem for doomed youths' - a review of The Passing Bells

'Touching anthem for doomed youths...

"Fiona Bruce, walking through a World War I cemetery in France on Antiques Roadshow at the weekend, made a poignant comment: each of the names engraved on acres of stone had ...


Our Team

Tim Key - Executive Producer

Tim Key
Executive Producer

Tim has worked as a producer on shows including Brookside, Emmerdale, The Bill and Waterloo Road.  He produced Death in Paradise and By Any Means for Red Planet, and has now returned to Death in Paradise as Executive Producer.  He is also develop...

Belinda Campbell - Head of Drama

Belinda Campbell
Head of Drama

Belinda started out as a researcher on C5's Bring Me The Head of Light Entertainment and went on to a hugely successful drama career at the BBC, ultimately executive producing both Casualty and Holby City. Since joining Red Planet, she has overse...

James Hall - Development Executive

James Hall
Development Executive

Having left university with a degree in Theatre Studies, James went on to story and series script edit, write and produce on shows including Eastenders, Doctors, Emmerdale, The Bill and Holby City. Since joining Red Planet, he has Script Produced...

Tony Jordan - Managing Director

Tony Jordan
Managing Director

Market trader turned award-winning writer, Tony Jordan has run or created some of the most iconic shows on British drama (EastEnders, Life on Mars and Hustle for starters). He now combines a packed writing schedule with driving the expansion of t...

Jon East - PA to Tony Jordan

Jon East
PA to Tony Jordan

Jon’s tasked with managing Tony's complex lifestyle as well as working across all departments where necessary. He’s enjoyed a varied career including sales, marketing, media and new business research & development.

Alex Jones - Head of Production and Business

Alex Jones
Head of Production and Business

Alex has been part of the Red Planet team since its first production in 2007.  He started his career at Thames Television over 18 years ago where he cut his teeth on long running drama and soap. 

Simon Winstone - Executive Producer

Simon Winstone
Executive Producer

Working across drama and comedy, Simon has almost twenty years of network television experience. He has been at Red Planet Pictures since its inception and now writes as well as developing and producing new projects. 

Holly Race - Development Coordinator

Holly Race
Development Coordinator

Holly spent several years working as a theatre director before switching to film and TV in 2010. Since then she has been a script reader and researcher for the BFI, Ecosse and Pathe and worked in the development departments of Aardman Animations ...

David Newman - Team Assistant

David Newman
Team Assistant

Upon leaving university with a degree in History, David interned for Ealing Studios and Westend Films, before becoming Team Assistant at Red Planet in May 2013.              

Julie Gissing  - Head of Finance

Julie Gissing
Head of Finance

Julie has worked in the accountancy profession for 30 years, 20 of which were as Tony's personal accountant before joining Red Planet Pictures as Head of Finance.

Garry Tyler - Office Manager and Assistant to Tony Jordan and Simon Winstone

Garry Tyler
Office Manager and Assistant to Tony Jordan and Simon Winstone

Garry worked as a carpenter until he became Tony’s assistant in 1999.  He has also looked after Simon Winstone since Red Planet started in 2007, and has now become the office manager while still looking after both Tony and Simon’s diaries.

Judith King - Head of Development

Judith King
Head of Development

Judith joined Red Planet after eight years working as a Development Producer in both scripted and factual television, for companies including the BBC, Wall To Wall, RDF, Studio Lambert, Kudos, Company Pictures, and Big Fish Films .

Danny West - PA to Belinda Campbell

Danny West
PA to Belinda Campbell

After graduating from Central School of Speech & Drama in 2012 Danny has written, directed and produced at Theatre 503, Southwark Playhouse, Roundhouse, Pleasance and Bussey Building. He is founder of 'The Shift' an influential performance ni...

Ross Stanley - Receptionist

Ross Stanley

Ross’ previous experience lies in theatre, initially coming to the city as an actor in 2008, he started creating his own work, which eventually lead to him forming his own theatre production company, Scribbled Thought in 2013. Scribbled Thought c...

Debbie Brooks - Accounts Assistant

Debbie Brooks
Accounts Assistant

Debbie has worked as a Team Manager at T-Mobile for 9 years then moved onto the Metropolitan Police where she was a PA to Senior Management for 7 years.  She joined the Red Planet Team in 2014 and works as Accounts Assistant to Julie, Head of Fin...

Siobhan Finnigan - Development Executive

Siobhan Finnigan
Development Executive

Siobhan joined Red Planet in 2015 after several years working for ITV Studios script editing, script execing and developing shows such as MURDER CITY, LIFE BEGINS, IDENTITY, THE ROAD TO CORONATION STREET, THE JURY II and the first two series of M...

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